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Grammar Minute: The Biweekly Meeting

Is that ... twice per week or once every other week? Find out (or not) on today's episode of Grammar Minute!

Hidden Figures in History: Jean-Francois Champollion - The Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of the Rosetta Stone

This French explorer and polyglot, later called the "Father of Egyptology", was the first to fully translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Soldiers of Christ: St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia boldly lived her Christian faith at a time of great persecution, leading thousands to Christ and dying a martyr at the hands of the Roman emperor. She is t...

Grammar Minute: Grammar Is the Best Subject - Because the Best Subject Is Grammar!

Not a fan of the logic in the title? Me neither. The proper response is "Well, that begs the question!" - a phrase you may have been misusing. Find out on today's epis...

The Social Mediators: George Santos

This week we look into the New York congressman, George Santos and his shocking yet entertaining lies. Tune in to unpack what those lies actually consist of, some upda...

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