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This Week in History: Reagan's Resilience

This week, Micah Hart discusses President Reagan's recovery after an assassination attempt almost ended his life and presidency.

Hart on the Hill: TikTok, Teaching, and Therapy

This week, Micah Hart discusses more about TikTok and a hearing that took place, the parental rights bill, and a recent visit by the Ted Lasso cast to the White House ...

Grammar Minute: Double Negatives, Part 1 - The "N" Negatives

Everything is good in moderation, and the same goes for negatives. Find out how to use them properly on today's episode of Grammar Minute!

The Social Mediators: The Possible Arrest of Donald Trump

This week we talk about the reasons, motives, and conversation surrounding the potential arrest of Donald Trump. Tune in to hear some of Jillian's favorite tweets on t...

Strength and Dignity: Proverbs 31 Verse By Verse

Recenter the goal of this show with reminders of the beauty of biblical womanhood in contrast to the culture’s interpretation.

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