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Great Men Back Then: William Friedman

William Friedman helped decipher enemy codes in both world wars. He is recognized for his work in establishing codebreaking as a revolutionary science.

Interview: Isabel Vincent on Overture of Hope

Author and investigative journalist Isabel Vincent joins WRFH to discuss her new book, An Overture of Hope.

The Policy Corner: American Data Privacy and Protection Act

Josh Barker of Radio Free Hillsdale walks through some of the bipartisan reforms proposed in HR 8152, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act.

A Pilgrim's History: Trains at the Speed of Light

On September 26, 1905, Einstein published the third of his Annus Mirabilis papers, positing the theory of special relativity. This groundbreaking theory was the produc...

Take Note: Clair de Lune and the Power of Classical Music

On this episode of Take Note, hosts Matt and Josiah, joined by John Schaefer, take notes on classical music, its different styles, and what makes it all so special. Li...

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