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Great Men Back Then: William Friedman

William Friedman helped decipher enemy codes in both world wars. He is recognized for his work in establishing codebreaking as a revolutionary science.

Interview: Isabel Vincent on Overture of Hope

Author and investigative journalist Isabel Vincent joins WRFH to discuss her new book, An Overture of Hope.

The Policy Corner: American Data Privacy and Protection Act

Josh Barker of Radio Free Hillsdale walks through some of the bipartisan reforms proposed in HR 8152, the American Data Privacy and Protection Act.

A Pilgrim's History: Trains at the Speed of Light

On September 26, 1905, Einstein published the third of his Annus Mirabilis papers, positing the theory of special relativity. This groundbreaking theory was the produc...

Take Note: Clair de Lune and the Power of Classical Music

On this episode of Take Note, hosts Matt and Josiah, joined by John Schaefer, take notes on classical music, its different styles, and what makes it all so special. Li...

Collegian Week in Review: September 22, 2022

In this episode, hosts Maddy Welsh and Lauren Scott talk to Logan Washburn about this week's city news, Carly Moran about "localvores" and eating locally, and Emily Sw...

History Shouldn't Be A Mystery: Otto von Bismarck

Conner Bolanos returns to History Shouldn't Be A Mystery, starting off the season by discussing the life and history of Otto von Bismark, his rise to power, and the im...

The Social Mediators: MSU Scandals

Again tackling heavier subject matter, Jillian and Garrett talk about the MSU scandals from 2018 up until now. Tune in to hear a bunch of background information on the...

Great Men Back Then: Alfred Lord Tennyson

Listen to hear stories about Tennyson's childhood and a recitation of one of his poems, "In Memoriam"

State Sen. Mike Shirley: Sept. 22, 2022

Michigan State Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey joins WRFH.

The Book Broadcast: Dostoevsky's Underground Man & Rational Egoism

In this episode of the Book Broadcast, host Alexa Robbins and philosophy major Andrew Davidson briefly share memories about their time in Hillsdale's WHIP before divin...

Story of a Season: The Mighty Bills and the Not-So-Mighty AFC South

In this episode, Truman takes a look at the action from Week 2 in the NFL, gives updated power rankings, and some game picks!

Grammar Minute: Let's Compare!

Are you funnier than your friend? Or should you claim to be "more funny?" Find out in this episode of Grammar Minute!

Who Dat?: Bruno Mars

A speedrun of the career of twelve-time Grammy winning artist Bruno Mars.

Hidden Figures in History: Fr. Al Schwartz: The Mother Teresa of South Korea

This American Catholic priest's charity work helped propel war-torn South Korea out of dire poverty.

The Policy Corner: Republican Student Loan Proposals

Josh Barker of Radio Free Hillsdale walks through 3 Republican proposals to deal with the student loan crisis: Sen. Hawley's Skin in the Game Act, Sen. Rubio's LOAN Ac...

Strength and Dignity: Dobbs reaffirms motherhood

Responding to the Ms. Magazine article which attacks the Dobbs case as oppressive and cruel. This reaffirms Erin Hawley's standpoint on Dobbs' positive influence on Am...

Strength and Dignity: Introduction: Proverbs 31 and the Abortion Deception

Our culture slams women with lies of “strength and success” while rejecting the beautiful design of male and female. Biblical femininity is beautiful, strong, and dign...

Take Note: Tik Tok Takeover

In this episode, Matt and Josiah take notes on new trends that have emerged in the music industry as a result of short form entertainment platforms like and...

Dr. Marion Mass Interview

Micah Hart of Radio Free Hillsdale interviews Dr. Marion Mass, a Philadelphia-area pediatrician and co-founder of Practicing Physicians of America. Dr. Mass discusses ...

Rep. Andrew Fink: September 19, 2022

Rep. Andrew Fink joins Josh Barker to discuss the controversy over budget earmarks, Gov. Whitmer's mobility plan, and abortion and contraception.

Hart on the Hill: A Sit Down with Mercedes Schlapp: Biden, Midterm Battles, and More

In this episode, Micah Hart talks to Mercedes Schlapp about the Biden administration, the upcoming midterms, and her work in politics.

This Week in History: Voyage from Afar

This week, Micah Hart discusses the Mayflower voyage.

Collegian Week in Review: September 15th, 2022

On this week's episode of the Collegian Week In Review, hosts Maddy Welsh and Lauren Scott discuss this week's city news with Logan Washburn, VMA red carpet fashion wi...

The Social Mediators: The Royal Family

Garrett and Jillian hit the ground running with their first episode back on the Royal Family. Tune in to hear about Queen Elizabeth II's history, social media's deep h...

Story of a Season: Week 1 Recap: The Fall of the Titans (and Bengals, Broncos, etc.)

In this episode, Truman discusses a few crazy games from Week 1, gives his Power Rankings, and gives some game picks for Week 2.

I've Got Aux: Sweet sublime by Ruby Waters

In this episode of I've Got Aux Ally leads us through the artistic world of ruby waters and her soulful and intake performance of "sweet sublime". Join us as we discus...

I've Got Aux: BOY by Charlie Puth

In this episode of I've Got Aux we discuss pop icon Charlie Puth and his hotly contested public image on social media through his song BOY. Join in as we debate this "...

Grammar Minute: One hundred, 100, or one-hundred?

I'm no mathematician, but even the English nerds have to write numbers every once in a while. Find out how to show off your science side on today's episode of Grammar ...

Tom Opre: Shepherds of Wildlife

Tom Opre is a film director, cinematographer, television producer, and wildlife conservationist. He has made educating the public on wildlife conservation and stewards...

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