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Grammar Minute: The Biweekly Meeting

Is that ... twice per week or once every other week? Find out (or not) on today's episode of Grammar Minute!

Hidden Figures in History: Jean-Francois Champollion - The Man Who Unlocked the Secrets of the Rosetta Stone

This French explorer and polyglot, later called the "Father of Egyptology", was the first to fully translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Soldiers of Christ: St. Cecilia

St. Cecilia boldly lived her Christian faith at a time of great persecution, leading thousands to Christ and dying a martyr at the hands of the Roman emperor. She is t...

Grammar Minute: Grammar Is the Best Subject - Because the Best Subject Is Grammar!

Not a fan of the logic in the title? Me neither. The proper response is "Well, that begs the question!" - a phrase you may have been misusing. Find out on today's epis...

The Social Mediators: George Santos

This week we look into the New York congressman, George Santos and his shocking yet entertaining lies. Tune in to unpack what those lies actually consist of, some upda...

Rep. Andrew Fink: January 23, 2023

Josh Barker of Radio Free Hillsdale talks with Michigan State Rep. Andrew Fink (R-35) about the latest in Michigan politics and the state legislature. Right-to-work, C...

The Policy Corner: Omnibus Bill

Josh Barker of Radio Free Hillsdale discusses the Omnibus Bill which passed Congress in December 2022 and some of the headline provisions and purpose of the bill.

Strength and Dignity: March for Life and the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade

A comparison of the competing views on abortion, specifically the continual fight on both sides: a look at the sanctity of life both in the Bible and in our nation's f...

Chris Buskirk: America and the Art of the Possible

Chris Buskirk is the publisher and editor of American Greatness. He is a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times. He has written for The Washington Post, Th...

Interview: Holly DeJong - Social Media Manager for Alliance Defending Freedom

Radio Free Hillsdale's Abigail Snyder interviews Holly DeJong of Alliance Defending Freedom, the world's largest legal organization protecting fundamental and God-give...

Take Note: Doleful Adele

On this episode of Take Note, Matt and Josiah take notes on the melancholic music of Adele. With a small aside on their favorite word of the day, these two take a brie...

This Week in History: Bush Wins Big (Well Sort of)

This week, Micah Hart discuses the 2000 presidential election.

Hart on the Hill: Wacky West and Controversy over the Constitution

This episode, Micah Hart discusses the abhorrent Kanye interview, the Trump truth social post, and Nancy Pelosi's future in Democratic leadership.

Elephants in the Room: Alex Jones calls for reparations after being out-crazied by Kanye

Joe and Kendale are joined by Hillsdale college student, Paul Marchitti. The trio discuss developments in California's slavery reparation plans, the newly released "Tw...

Stella Morabito on "The Weaponization of Loneliness"

Radio Free Hillsdale's Garrett Goolsby interviews Stella Morabito on her new book, "The Weaponization of Loneliness: How Tyrants Stoke Our Fear of Isolation to Silence...

Men's Basketball: Hillsdale vs. Trevecca Nazarene, 12/03/22

Men's Basketball: Hillsdale vs. Trevecca Nazarene, 12/03/22 Julius Graber and Garrit Aissen on the call for WRFH

Women's Basketball: Hillsdale vs. Trevecca Nazarene, 12/03/22

Women's Basketball: Hillsdale vs. Trevecca Nazarene, 12/03/22 Matt Byrne and Bella Dix on the call for WRFH

Great Men Back Then: Judson Van Deventer

Judson Van Deventer is a former Hillsdale College student who wrote the worldwide-famous hymn, "I Surrender All."

Great Men Back Then: Will Carleton

Will Carleton is the most famous graduate of Hillsdale College known for his poetry.

The Social Mediators: The World Cup

This week we discuss the controversy surrounding the World Cup in Qatar for our final episode of the year! Tune in to learn about the mechanics and corruption behind p...

A Pilgrim's History: Straighten Your Backbone

On December 9, 1990, Lech Walesa was elected president of the new government of Poland which replaced the collapsing Soviet Union. His election was the culmination of ...

Take Note: ABBA's Brilliance

Our hosts Josiah and Matt take the listener through a journey of the '70s' classic band ABBA. They discuss ABBA's legacy from their songs, the movie Mamma Mia!, and a ...

Story of a Season: Week 12 Recap: Which Bubble Teams Have a Shot?

In this episode, Truman goes through some of the action from last week in the NFL, and gives power rankings and game picks!

Grammar Minute: It's Not Unlikely That You've Seen This Before ...

It's also not unlikely that you didn't spot the grammar error in the title. Find out what it is in this latest episode of Grammar Minute!

Elephants in the Room: Woke Kayne Incites Chinese Protests

Joe and Kendale are joined by Hillsdale College Student, Paul Joshua Bustamante. The three talk about Disney's most recent Woke box-office flop, the protests against C...

Interview: Hillsdale Academy on Their Upcoming Presentation of "The Crucible"

Jillian Parks of Radio Free Hillsdale interviews Kathryn Wales and Hillsdale Academy students concerning their upcoming presentation of “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller...

The Policy Corner: Respect for Marriage Act

Josh Barker breaks down HR 8404, the Respect for Marriage Act, as the Senate is likely to vote on the legislation in the coming weeks.

Men's Basketball: Hillsdale vs. Northern Michigan

Men's Basketball: Hillsdale vs. Northern Michigan Julius Graber & Garrit Aissen on the call for WRFH

A Pilgrim's History: Whales and Luck

Moby Dick is a fantastic story of a half-crazed captain and a whale with a vendetta - so fantastical that it would have to be based on reality. And it was. On November...

This Week in History: President Down

This week, Micah Hart discuses the assassination of John F Kennedy.

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